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Dowel Pins

Standard Fractional Sized Wooden Dowel Pins are available in diameters from 1/4” to 5/8”, in a variety of stock lengths. Most sizes are available in your choice of Spiral Groove or Fluted (Multi-Groove) styles. If you don’t see the size you use, please let us know your requirements, we’ll be happy to quote.

Contact us at (800) 556-8055 for a prompt quote on your dowel pin requirements.

Wooden Dowel Pins - Fractional Sizes

Wooden Dowel Pins - Fractional Sizes

Birch Dowel Pins, in Spiral and Fluted Styles

Wooden Dowel Pins - Metric Sizes

Wooden Dowel Pins - Metric Sizes

Birch Dowel Pins in Metric Sizes

Pre-Glued Wooden Dowel Pins

Pre-Glued Wooden Dowel Pins

White Birch Pre-Glued Dowel Pins