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Dowel Rods

We offer high quality wood dowel rods in White Birch, Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Ash, and Cherry at Very Competitive Prices.

White birch dowels in 36” and 48” lengths are listed under “Birch Dowel Rods”. We also offer white birch dowels in 12” and 24” lengths - see “Dowel Shorts”.

In addition, we offer dowels larger than 1-1/4” diameter - see Large Diameter Dowel Rods.

We can provide you with custom lengths and diameters, and also special operations such as drilling and slotting. Call for more info.

Birch Dowel Rods

White Birch Dowel Rods - 36” and 48” Lengths

Oak Dowel Rods

Oak Dowel Rods

Oak Dowels in 36” Lengths

Walnut Dowel Rods

Walnut Dowel Rods

Walnut Dowels in 36” Lengths

Mahogany Dowel Rods

Mahogany Dowel Rods

Mahogany Dowel Rods in 36” Lengths

Ash Dowel Rods

Ash Dowels in 36” lengths and diameters to 2”

Cherry Dowel Rods

Cherry Dowel Rods

Cherry Dowels in 36” Lengths

Large Diameter Dowel Rods

Hardwood Dowels in diameters from 1-1/2” to 3”


60” and 72” Long Poplar Dowels

Frequently used in light construction, furniture, cabinets and as Banner

12” and 24” Dowel Rods

12” and 24” Birch Dowel Rods

Random Length Dowels

Odd lengths and closeouts.

Closeout Dowels

All of our closeout dowels

Square Dowels

Poplar Square Dowels, from 1/4” to 1” square, in 36” Lengths

Hardwood Closet Rods

Standard 1-3/8” Diameter Closet Rods. In Stock and available for immediate shipment.