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Stock Wood Turnings

Kemp Enterprises offers a large selection of wood turnings for the manufacturing, hobby, games, and craft industries.

Bail Handles

Wood Basket Handles/Bails

Closet Pole Sockets

Closet Pole Sockets

Hardwood Closet Pole Sockets

Dowel Caps

Wood Dowel Caps for fitting to ends of dowel rods.



Harwood Finials available in many sizes and styles, for a variety of applications.

Full Round Balls

Full Round Balls

Full Round Hardwood Balls, available in diameters from 1/4” to 3”.


Miscellaneous Wooden Handles

Knobs and Drawer Pulls

A wide selection of knobs and pulls.

Wooden Nickel Blanks

Unprinted 1-1/2” Wooden Nickel Blanks

Screwhole Plugs and Buttons

Screwhole Buttons, Round Head Plugs, and Flat Head Plugs

Side Grain Plugs

Side Grain Plugs

Also known as Face Grain or Cross Grain Plugs. Match the grain of your board.

Shaker Pegs, Mug Pegs, and Tie Pegs

Shaker Pegs, Mug Pegs, and Tie Pegs

Shaker Pegs, Mug Pegs, and Tie Pegs in a variety of sizes and species.



From Small Galley Rail sized to larger Furniture and Crib sizes.