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Wood Joining Biscuits

Wood Joining Biscuits are available from stock in #0, #10, and #20 sizes as well
as the smaller #R1,#R2 &#R3 Biscuits.. All sizes are made to international standards. Specify size when ordering.

Made from compressed Northern White Birch Wood to insure high Tensile strength.
Easy to use. The biscuit absorbs the glue and expands to lock the joint firmly.
True to size in length and thickness.
Designed to allow uniform glue allocation.
Fits slots cut by standard plate joiners.
Flattened ends insures excess glue remains inside the slot

Standard Joining Biscuits

Standard #0, #10, and #20 Biscuits

Picture Frame Joining Biscuits

R2, and R3 “Mini” Picture Frame Biscuits. These work with the Ryobi Joiner.

Face Frame Joining Biscuits

Face Frame Biscuits are ideal for joining material as narrow as 1-1/2”