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Face Frame Joining Biscuits

1/2” +/-.015” Wide x 1.2” +/-.015” Length x 0.153” +/-.007” Thick

Face Frame Biscuits are ideal for joining material as narrow as 1-1/2”

The same thickness as the standard sized #0, #10 and #20 Plate Joining Biscuits provides the strength needed in Face Frame Construction.

Manufactured from compressed Northern White Birch to insure high Tensile strength.

  • Easy to use. The biscuit absorbs the glue and expands to lock the joint firmly.
  • True to size in length and thickness.
  • Designed to allow uniform glue allocation.
  • Fits slots cut by standard plate joiners.
  • Flattened ends insures excess glue remains inside the slot.

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Face Frame Joining Biscuits
Carton Quantity: 1,000

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